Review: Chaco Z/Cloud 2

By: Shey Kiester | June 3, 2017

The Z/Cloud 2 is a classic Chaco with somewhat of a cult following. This shoe has traveled with many an avid outdoor wanderer for years and years, and its durability was among the highest in our test.


As has almost always been the case, Chaco shoes have a reputation for having comfort that varies from user to user. While the sole is stiffer than any other model tested, most of our testers saw this is a huge pro. The tough sole protects from variable terrain underfoot and provides a shoe that is built to last.

With that, more flat-footed tester felt frustrated by this model's high arch that will not break into a flatter foot. We recommend trying this model on before you purchase. 

Despite some debate about whether or not the Chaco Z/Cloud's sole was optimal for a broad enough swath of users, our tester unanimously declared the Chaco's strap system as one of the most comfortable in the test. 


The stiffness of the sole was advantageous when it came to the stability of the shoe. The footbed securely cups the outside of the heel and supports the arch (for better or for worse…). Users agreed that the toe loop (which is absent from some Chaco models) did provide more stability for the sandal, as it eliminated the possibility of your foot sliding forward. The heel-toe drop of the shoe was more significant than most of the other sandal models we tested. This spec was unimportant to some testers and unwelcomed by others. It gave the heel of the shoe a particularly clunky, insensitive feeling.