Smartwool Featured in Business Insider

Picking out a pair of socks is one of the most menial tasks we can think of, but it matters — especially when you're going hiking. Choose the wrong ones, and your feet will be soaked in sweat and covered in blisters.

If you're looking for a new pair for your next outdoor adventure, you should pick up one made of wool. According REI, wool is the most popular natural sock material, because it's warm, cushioning, and retains warmth when wet. 

Since its inception in 1994, Smartwool has specialized in making comfortable, versatile wool socks and accessories, and its hiking socks are some of the best ones money can buy. Each pair is made with merino wool that keeps your feet dry and regulates your body temperature, and isn't itchy. Each pair comes with a flat knit toe seam and extra support around the arches, so you'll stay comfortable as you're trekking through peaks and valleys.