Powder Reviews SmartWool’s Double Corbet 120 Hoody

The weather in my Colorado hometown is unpredictable. I saw it snow on the 4th of July once. Such is life in the mountains where we always say, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” Because it’s guaranteed to change.

SmartWool’s Double Corbet 120 Hoody is ideal for varying conditions. On my most recent trip back home, I was up early to beat the crowds up one of my favorite trails. Temps were low despite the bright sky overhead, and this jacket’s wind protection held up extremely well. It didn’t whip in the gusts like a traditional windbreaker shell, and in typical Smartwool style, it was extremely cosy. With the hood up and toggled down, I was perfectly cocooned and protected from the blustery winds outside.


SmartWool’s warmer weight insulation, 120g of SmartLoft wool, was plenty warm while the Merino lining kept my body temperature from spiking when I started to warm up on the uphill. Merino is also great for managing moisture, which is a nice way of saying that it keeps you from stinking like cold sweat.